UGREEN X-Kit: the World's First Integrated Ergonomic Hub-Stand

5-in-1 USB-C Hub | 4 Adjustable Angles | 4K HDMI | USB 3.0 | SD & TF Card Readers


The “5+4” Healthy Working Companion

How's your remote working experience? Suffering neck and arm fatigue from long working hours? Your laptop's not equipped with enough ports to support all the devices you need for a comprehensive "second office" that boosts productivity at home?

Why not kill the two birds with one stone? Redefine your space with the UGREEN X-Kit
,a perfect unibody of laptop stand docking station for a more efficient and healthy working environment, whether it’s at home, at a cafe, or the outdoors. With a 5-in-1 USB-C hub and an adjustable aluminum laptop stand with 4 angles, you can improve productivity while maintaining a healthy posture wherever you are.

Adjustable USB C Hub Stand 585

Say goodbye to office syndrome with ergonomic laptop stand

Enjoy a more comfortable working experience that relieves you of cervical, arm, wrist, and eye fatigue offered by the height adjustable laptop stand with 4 angles. Works perfect with Macbook, iPads, and a wide range of flagship laptops and tablets, satisfying various needs for browsing, drawing, typing and reading.


Boost your productivity with 5-in-1 USB-C hub 

Dedicated to boosting productivity, the USB type-C adapter easily connects all your devices with ultra-vivid 4K HDMI that supports 3D, USB-A 3.0 ports, as well as double read from SD & TF card slots.


UGREEN Hub Stand 585-329
USB C Hub Stand Display 585

Simplicity in design, abundance in application

Less, but more. With our minimalist X-shaped structure, your laptop can breathe freely while staying stable. The skeleton made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy is 65% lighter, yet 25% harder than the average, lightweight and stable. With the silky-touch oxidized sandblasted surface and slip-proof silicone bands, gently embrace the practical aesthetics that flows in our veins.

Create a healthy working environment, anywhere, anytime.

We built it for embracing creative technology for a better, healthier, and more productive lifestyle. Redefine your space for an efficient and healthy working environment, enjoy better connectivity and ergonomics with the X-Kit, anywhere, anytime. 

2.2 户外咖啡座产品使用场景

Wide compatibility with all your devices

The UGREEN portable X-Kit perfectly supports all your USB-C based devices from the latest Macbook lineup and iPads to all the flagship Android and Windows based tablets. Driving productivity to the fullest, the X-Kit is far more than just your average laptop stand or a simple USB-C hub. It is the combination of work, health, and creativity in life. Get yours now at 55% off by simply singing up to be our evangelist backer! 


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